Where we work

We are presently working in Tanzania, western Africa’s largest and highest populated region, with 43 million inhabitants, 42% of which are under the age of 15, the average age of the population is  18 and a half. Average life expectancy is 53 yrs old; child mortality rate before the age of five is 70 deaths per 1000 due to malnutrition. 28% of the adults are illiterate, whereas school dropouts during the first year reach up to 57%.

Classified as the 148th place out of 169 on the Index of human development, estimated income per-capita is 350 dollars, which is among the lowest in Africa: 58% of the population still lives below the limit of poverty,  whereas 36% is classified in extreme poverty, ie daily income per-capita is less than half a dollar per day. Agriculture occupies 80% of the population and produces the major export goods, but only 4% of the territory is cultivable.


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