What you can do

L'educazione illumina il nostro futuro

Contribute to illuminate their future


Remote support or sponsorship

Remote support or sponsorship Remote support or sponsorship is  substantial help directed towards these children in difficult situations and it secures their education. A small donation (50 euro per month) guarantees the right and admission to school for a child. The amount sent to the onlus will be used with utmost transparency and deposited directly …

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If you would like to share our dream and help us accomplish it, we thank you in advance for any contributions to our mission; even the smallest donations are precious and of great value. You can make a bank transfer to  the onlus and may use the receipt as a tax exemption.

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.   L’esperienza del volontariato arricchisce noi e gli altri, ma va gestita e svolta nel rispetto dell’altro e nostro. Qualora foste interessati a fare questa esperienza, potrete mettervi in contatto con noi attraverso la mail e ci accorderemo  per organizzare e realizzare nel modo più proficuo questa avventura. Per fare un’esperienza di volontariato sono …

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5 x 1000

The 2019 tax return, which will be effective in 2020, will give you the choice to donate 5×1000 to our cause: all you need is the name of the onlus and the C.F. You will find our information on the sidebar  Thank you!

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Occasioni Speciali

Potete celebrare le occasioni speciali, come un battesimo, un compleanno, una laurea, un matrimonio,..dedicando un gesto di speranza concreta ad un bambino. SPECIAL OCCASIONS You can celebrate special occasions, like baptisms, bar or bat mitzvahs, weddings, birthdays,…dedicating a gesture of concrete hope to a child.

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