Monthly Archive: agosto 2012

ago 31

I bambini a scuola

Children in infant, primary and secondary schools

ago 30

Domenica si studia

Sunday We meet some children that have attended the sunday mass, while the students in the Girls Secondary School study outdoors after the mass. Other children go home with the shocky bands they have received from the italian friends.  

ago 29

Un piccolo gesto….un grande aiuto!

  A little tee-shirt is a small gesture of generosity that can become a smile on a child in a Masai village. During the night it’s cold and during the day it’s hot. The children live in huts and often have malaria or other disease due to lack of basic medical care. A cold can …

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ago 28

Incontri a Sabuko

  We are always surrounded by children that want a photo, the ritual of being caught by the camera is always exciting, especially if you show them the photos afterwards, all this generates a collective contagious laughter.

ago 26

L’arrivo al Kilimanjaro